Welcome to the Salubrious Sauce Company, unique condiments for classic British food – made for you

Made in Great Britain every time, all the time.

Serving Suggestions

  • We think our British Breakfast Sauce will change the way you eat a Full English forever, but did you know it makes a great alternative to regular tomato ketchup? Try some on your burger or on your macaroni cheese. Yum!
  • Sometimes you can’t beat a roast dinner. Pour our Sunday Lunch Horseradish & Mustard Sauce alongside your roast beef! But why not try it in your BLT or smoked-salmon sandwich? Delicious!
  • The iconic British fish and chips are even tastier with some of our Chip Shop Curry Sauce added. We also like to pour some into a bowl and dip our pizza crusts or chicken goujons in it. So good!
  • We couldn’t resist creating a BBQ Sauce for you! Try smothering some onto your Burgers & Sausages or use it as a marinade for amazing BBQ results.

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